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Typical Applications

  • Cheese Slicing
  • Cake cutting
  • Flapjack portioning
  • Pizza Cutting
  • Sandwich slicing
  • Chicken portioning
  • Fish fillet portioning

Flexible Ultrasonic Cutting

Working in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Automation WMH has developed a compact stand-alone robotic cutting cell specifically for use in the food industry. With 40-years of expertise in the food industry WMH have been able to incorporate their extensive knowledge of food production processes into their latest product.

The cutting cell incorporates WMH conveyor and control technology with a Mitsubishi Electric 6-axis Robot and Telsonic ultrasonic cutting blades to provide a robust, hygienic unit with the flexibility to cope with a range of product cutting and portioning requirements.

The WMH Ultrasonic cutting cell offers:

  • Repeatable and Accurate cutting
  • No damage to icing
  • Minimal change-over between products
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to add new products
  • On the fly cleaning
  • Radial and parallel cutting

The unit can be supplied with optional vision recognition and guidance which will enable accurate cutting to be carried out to products wherever they are placed on the feed conveyor. The vision system can also be used to accurately calculate the size or irregular shaped products and provide even weight portions of meat products such as fish or chicken fillets.

Prior to supplying a full production unit WMH is happy to carry out trials with your products.