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Typical Applications

  • Packing quiches into cartons
  • Loading pasties and slices into trays
  • Loading pizzas into flow wrappers
  • Collating pork pies for packing
  • Loading ready meals into top web sealers
  • Counting bread rolls into boxes

High Care End of Line Packing

Finished products require careful handling to ensure the best quality product reaches the consumer. WMH has developed a range of packing solutions to suit various product packing requirements. Whether your line requires a fully automated robotic pick and place system or lower cost alternative with operator intervention WMH will be happy to provide a cost effective solution tailored to your specific product and production requirements.

Areas where WMH is able to assist include:

  • Robotic Pick and Place of individual items
  • Tray/card denesting
  • Loading products into acetate trays
  • Stacking individual products and packs of product
  • Automated infeeds to cartoners and flow wrappers
  • Label inspection and date/code verification using vision systems
  • Weighing bulk products into crates for further processing/packing

WMH understands the demands of a high care environment and designs all machines to be washed down and where possible minimises the areas where build-up of debris can occur, with sloping surfaces and spacing off of bearings and joining brackets and support frames.

For more information or to discuss a specific requirement please give one of our sales engineers a call on 01579 383788 or email