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Typical Applications

  • Collating cases into pallet layers
  • Empty pallet delivery systems
  • Full pallet despatch system
  • Robotic pallet loading
  • Loading full trays onto pallets
  • Empty tray de-stacking
  • Case and tray delivery systems

Palletising and Tray Handling

At the end of every production process there is the need to handle transport cases and crates and load these onto pallets for despatch. WMH has developed a range of solutions to reduce repetitive manual handling of crates, cases and pallets.

Areas where WMH is able to assist include:

  • Crate and case conveyor systems
  • Re-usable empty crate distribution to packing
  • On-demand cardboard case printing
  • Integration of automated case erectors
  • Case and crate collation
  • Robotic pick and place of cases and trays onto pallets
  • Pallet and tray de-stackers
  • Pallet handling conveyor systems
  • Integration of pallet wrapping and labelling
  • Verification of labels using vision systems
  • Integrated control system including providing data on products handled

WMH understands the demanding environment of a despatch hall and all machines are designed to be robust and suitable for handling heavy loads. Where conveyors are provided into high care environments they will be designed to be washed down and where possible minimise the areas where build-up of debris can occur, with sloping surfaces and spacing off of bearings and joining brackets and support frames.

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