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Typical Applications

  • Individual Chinese pancakes
  • Cartoned ready meals
  • Pizza bases
  • Frozen burgers
  • Flat breads
  • Flow wrapped packs

Stacking Products

WMH has developed a range of stacking units suitable for use in a food production environment and designed for a range of product formats from individual burgers to cartoned ready meals.
Units are designed for the specific application and in some cases can be adjustable to handle a range of product sizes. Single lane or multi-lane formats are available.

Applications suitable for stacking products:

  • End of line packing convenience foods
  • Bulk collation of pizza bases
  • Collation of pancakes into portion packs
  • Penny Stacking of frozen burgers
  • Collation of wrapped pizzas for banding/boxing

WMH stacking units can be integrated into existing production lines or can be developed to fit into new lines. WMH will work with other suppliers to ensure an inline process

WMH understands the demands of a high care environment and designs all machines to be washed down and where possible minimises the areas where build-up of debris can occur, with sloping surfaces and spacing off of bearings and joining brackets and support frames.