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Typical Products

  • Cheesecakes & Desserts
  • Yorkshire Puddings
  • Sausage Rolls & Pasties
  • Ready Meals
  • Ice Cream
  • Quiche
  • Sweet & Savoury Pies

Spiral Freezer Loading & Unloading

Working with large bakeries WMH has designed and built many spiral freezer and chiller loading and unloading systems to handle many formats of product from chilling of freshly baked goods to freezing of ice cream.

WMH freezer loading systems integrate with your assembly lines or ovens and will gently collate or lane products across the belt to ensure your line runs efficiently with optimum product loading to achieve the maximum throughput for your production line.

WMH chiller and freezer unloading systems ensure a smooth transition of product through your line. High level outfeeds are designed to minimise the risk to products by bringing products down to low level as soon as possible, but also maintaining shallow decline angles to ensure products are handled in a controlled manner.

WMH works closely with the supplier of your freezer or chiller to develop a solution that best suits your product and production requirements.

Areas where WMH can help:

  • Transfer from assembly lines
  • Transfer from travelling ovens
  • Laning and collation
  • Multiple lines to single chiller
  • Laning and collation for further processing

With 40-years working in the food industry WMH understands the demands of a high care production environment and designs all machines to be washed down and where possible minimises the areas where build-up of debris can occur, with sloping surfaces and spacing off of bearings and joining brackets and support frames.

For more information or to discuss a specific requirement please give one of our sales engineers a call on 01579 383788 or email

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